Announcing the arrival of iTOVi in the Channel Islands


 Do YOU want to hear what your body NEEDS!

** Do you have essential oils in your life but do not use them?

** No need to guess what oils or supplements you need to SUPPORT your body's own innate healing

** Getting the right answers for yourself, your family, and your children's needs

** Want a better health and wellness routine, getting a scanner is the best start

** Scan and get clear options you can choose, a week later scan again to see how your body has shifted

** Gain confidence on your essential oil journey

Essential oils are an amazing SOLUTION to many areas of your life, physically, emotionally and mentally.....having a holistic approach to your health, you need an iTOVi scanner! This scanner can be programmed for DoTERRA, Young Living, and more!

It is an easy hand held device which you can carry around in your pocket, take to classes, use personally on yourself and your family/friends, use it in any therapy setting if you are using essential oils for a client.

Downloading the iTOVi app on your smart phone/iPhone, scan for 2 minutes and Go To The Report, being able to send it to an email address. It really is that easy! More information below about this bio impedance device.

YOU can order your own scanner here:  

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