Theta Healing

BE a BETTER version of you!

Nikki’s own journey with Theta Healing® began through her desire to ‘get well’, physically & emotionally. She felt an inner emptiness at times and knew she had unresolved issues. With Theta® she found a healing modality that changes anything desired, on such a profound level!

After feeling deep shifts within she felt impelled to train, becoming a Theta Healing® Practitioner herself. Nikki feels everyone should have the chance to evolve into the best versions of themselves, free from reoccurring patterns/behaviours which holds us back and keeps us attracting the same negative experiences.

Are you Insecure & you Crave more Confidence?

Are you Stressed & you Need more Peace and Ease in your Life?

Have you got Relationship issues & you Desire to Fully enjoy your current/or a future Relationship?

Do you have Limiting beliefs & you Want to Believe in Yourself?

Do you feel Unloved inside & you Long to Love yourself?

Do you have destructive Behaviour & you Yearn for Life to Flow more Happily?

Have you Suffered trauma/PTSD and you Wish to be Free from it ruining your life?

Are you Indecisive, Lack Direction & you Crave Certainty in your Decisions?


Theta Digging Deeper

With Vanya Silverton


Theta Basic & Advanced DNA Training

With Skylar Acamesis


Theta healing is the modality to bring you CHANGE, unlocking your subconscious mind, where all our beliefs and memories are stored, amazingly these can be easily healed and replaced with positive beliefs which serve your life with what you want to create, with who you want to be!

Are you self Motivated and an Action taker?

This is not a passive healing treatment, you need a proactive mentality, in saying that if you want to be more proactive and self motivating then Theta Healing® can work wonderfully! Any issue can be resolved, the impossible is possible with this technique!

Single session: £99

I offer a 5 session package for the price of £396 (value £495).

You get a FREE complimentary ‘discovery’ call with me. What is a discovery call!?

Its a chance for us to have a chat before you want to commit to this package**. After the discovery call, I will send you a ‘client session questionnaire’ (or you can complete yourself, link below). Th discovery call is as much for me, as it is for you, to see if Theta Healing resonates with you and you feel safe and connected to me. If our discovery chat rocks your boats and you want to go forth, then you book. (Fill in the below client session questionnaire, then we schedule in a time for your discovery call, if we have not had already, or email me with any prior queries on

**Spaces are limited


ThetaHealing® Basic & Advanced Practitioner
ThetaHealing® Dig Deeper Practitioner


I had PTSD from a recent trauma, this also resulted in body image issues. These have both been healed quickly, easily and without having to revisit the old trauma.

I am feeling better about my body and I’m losing weight as a result from our session focusing on my negative body image. Nikki helped me love my body as it is. Since shifting my perception during our session I am now back to my passion of dancing.

Through the process of Theta, after committing to a package with Nikki, I am now feeling better about myself, more than I have done for years. I have applied for and just been offered my dream job!

Nikki is a wonderful Theta Practitioner. She is so switched on and I felt comfortable with her right away. I am so thankful to Nikki and the Theta Healing sessions we had.

I am now living my best life.
— Dee (Australia) 2019

‘’Ive seen Nikki a couple of times, online. I have felt in such safe hands with her on both occasions. She gently but quickly got to the ‘root’ of the issue & helped release some beliefs which were really holding me back.

I couldn’t believe the shifts after the sessions. She is so lovely & light in her approach, which makes exploring sensitive stuff feel very ok - thanks Nikki.
— Beth (London) 2019