Yin Yoga Offering

Sharing my love of yin yoga, mindfulness, meditation and essential oils is my passion. Come and share in the energy of what enriches my life, my 'tools' for dealing with life's extremes!


Winter Term starting 18th September - through to December (NO CLASS 2nd October, 23rd October)

Held: Wednesday 6.30pm - 8pm, The Bridge Centre, Le Geyt Road, St. Helier

Yin Yoga has been happening in Jersey since 2013, so relatively new but it is a growing style internationally and on island. Perhaps you may use this style to compliment another ‘yang’ form of yoga or exercise you already have in your life. Perhaps you are wanting to bring some needed de-stress into your weekly routine, or you have health and body issues, from auto-immune conditions, to joints that need some love and attention!

Yin Yoga stretches or compresses slowly and safely into the ‘yin’ tissues of the body (fascia, ligaments, tendons, joints and bones). The length of time we are in the poses increases elastin and collagen production within your fascia (connective tissue), muscles, bones and skin. By gently compressing  your joints you encourage an increase in fluids which lubricate, easing movement and maximising your range of motion.

This style of yoga is calming for your central nervous system through the meditative and mindfulness qualities, reducing stress and anxiety, especially helping sleep issues. By activating your Vagus Nerve you boost your physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, as well as reducing inflammation in the body, whilst strengthening your immune system.

Investment - £15 cash (drop-in) , cheaper rate if booking a block in advance (if paying via PayPal there is a £1 charge, totalling £16), alternatively bring cash to class, or email me for my bank details. Thank you.